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Be kind. Practice good towards all living beings. Model inclusive behavior in hopes that others will do the same.

That's at the core of the Charter for Compassion's work. Compassion is a tricky word.It so often is used incorrectly. Too many people dismiss it as "soft" or ineffective" in solving problems. It is not! Compassion is powerful! It means action. These actions are expressions of kindness; from the smallest gestures that take little effort on any of our parts, to huge endeavors that require sacrifice, hard work and courage. Courage to stop violence of any kind, to speak up for the rights of all, and struggle, together with others so they may guide us to alleviate their suffering. It is a given that this strengthens our own resolve to live life to the fullest and to become more resilient each day. 

I've been thinking a great deal about resilience after our Global Gala, reflecting on the conviction shown by each of our Karen Armstrong Humanitarian Awardees during the decades they have devoted to making the world a more equitable place. In the United States we have just celebrated Thanksgiving, a time of being grateful. It is a lovely holiday, that sparks reflection and brings gratitude to the forefront of our awareness. I'm certain that each of us reading this newsletter has something for which we are grateful, despite all the distress that surrounds us personally and the happenings in our world. We, at the Charter, are grateful for you, our community, our family. You challenge us to think more holistically, invite us to listen to what needs to be done, and you support us financially to keep the work of the Charter moving forward each day. Thank you.

I've also been thinking about the message of our featured Global Gala artist, ZaHaVa Sherez. In her series, InBodied Light, ZaHaVa invites us to see beyond the historical divisions; the fabricated divisions of humankind. She offers us a new vision of our essence, of who we truly are; beyond the visual hue of who we appear to be. She shines a reflected light through the human form so that we can be drawn into, and fascinated by, a new representation of ourselves. Remember, taking a flashlight and shining it through your hand, as a child? Remember how mesmerized we were by what we saw? Viewing light through the InBodied Light sculpture, we see ourselves for who we are. If we did that with each person we encountered, would we not be looking at ourselves? 

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One River Gives its Journey to the Next
Thank you so much! AND… We must continue!

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