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I Feel One with God by Stephenie Khan


I feel with God

His oneness

He takes my breath away

Exhaling and inhaling

Rhythmically in and out

Present in prayer and meditation

He exists inside me

And outside of me

He is the life force that exists in all creatures

He occupies the whole universe

Yet he has found a home

Within the inner corners of my heart

He is the force that holds

Molecules and heavens together

Circling counter clockwise

Like the Tawaf around the Kabaa

And he knows everything

How everything comes out of Nothingness

He is the Great Friend of the forests

He is the great artist

His canvas is nature

He is Beauty

God is the Totality of our Experience

He created the moon and constellations

So we would know time and direction

Everywhere…you turn…you will see his Face

He creates inspiration within our minds

So that we can create and do great things

He is the voice inside of us

That in darkness and in the face of great evil

Gives us the courage to do

What is right

He is the most merciful…the most kind

His love is more tender

Than a mother's love for her child

He is all these thing

I cherish Him

HoldHim close to my heart

hope that I may meet Him on this Earth

And the hereafter.

-Stephenie Khan

Stephenie Khan is a volunteer for the Charter for Compassion, lives in Southern California and loves to share her writings.  You can reach out to her via email:  

If you would like to share some of your own writings (and have not been published anywhere else online), we invite you to submit them to to be featured on our blog!

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Friday, 09 June 2023
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