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Introducing The Co-Creators Map


Hello Charter Family!

I'm excited to let you know of one of the Charter for Compassion's newest initiatives: The Map of Co-Creators.

As you might already know, the Charter is an extended network of organizations, institutions, communities, people, and partners worldwide. Our purpose as an organization is to connect like-minded and like-hearted people from around the world to share knowledge, team up for causes, and work together collectively to co-create a more compassionate world.

Personally, as I explore and expand my knowledge about compassion continually, I feel more compelled to end not only my suffering but also the suffering of others who endure and experience things that may never appear on my path. This could be expressed as working on self-understanding, self-love and embracing myself as a whole.

Consider that I'm a person who cares greatly about the environment, LGBTQIA+ rights, anti-racism work, sustainability, the refugee crisis, or any other social justice issue, as I become more compassionate. This likely will increase my level of care, involvement, and commitment to any social issue that is keeping me awake at night. That is why the Charter for Compassion is split into sectors, working as an umbrella movement of caring. No matter the issue, compassion can fuel anyone to alleviate and ultimately end the pain of others and help create a world that works for all life.

Right now, visiting our website and searching by sector you'll find organizations and partners involved in causes you may wish to join. However, there is no way to contact any of them directly. You may contact us (CFC staff and volunteers), and we are happy to help you make those connections, and of course you could do your own online research but it would likely be time consuming.

Enter map of co-creators, and find a way to connect with anyone, in your geographic location or further afield.

You can register on the website. Select your primary and secondary interests from our sector's range, the social issues that matter to you, or that you are currently working on, on your own or with an organization, and put yourself on the map. Once you are registered, you will be able to locate different people, organizations, and communities around you, involved in the compassion movement and, more importantly, connect with those whose focus match your interests.

From the map's website:

THE PURPOSE of this Map is to support us in co-creating the world that we all desire – with peace, joy, and care for all life.

  • Millions of people are prepared to engage with others to co-create the world that our hearts desire.
  • Few of us are, however, visible to each other. We may be members of thousands of different global or local networks isolated from each other, or we may be alone with a heartfelt desire to somehow contribute.
  • Thus, with the Map, we want to make all co-creators visible to each other.
  • The initial aim is to allow like-minded people who live close to each other to establish contact via email and explore co-creation opportunities in physical meetings.

THE BENEFITS of appearing on this Map are to:

  • Receive email invitations from people who want to co-create a better world with you.
  • Invite others on the Map who may be interested in co-creating a better world with you.

  • Senders of emails will do that to an unknown/invisible email address and recipients have no obligation to reply.
  • In order to enable email recipients to respond, the sender's email address will be visible.
  • Required information fields are: country, state/province, zip/postal code and whether you are registering as an individual or an organization. If you wish to add further details such as your name, the fields are there, but they are not required.
  • Any information shared is kept in a secure database and won't be used for any other purpose than to enable you to connect with others on the map.

I invite you to put yourself on the map by registering on the co-creators' map and seeing who have registered near you. Networking through the Charter has never been easier. We hope you take advantage of this new tool that we now offer to everyone who wants to join us in creating and expanding those ripples of compassion in their communities.

And if you are in Utah, USA – you'll see me, and we can connect! Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions. Feedback is always appreciated.

I cannot wait to see how this tool will exponentially connect us around the globe and speed up the pace of compassion worldwide.

Check out our intro page to the map here!

 This message from Felipe Zurita, Marketing and Social Media Director of the Charter for Compassion, appears in our 5/22/2022 weekly newsletter. To sign up for our newsletter, scroll all the way down to the end of this page to get to the bottom menu; in the newsletter section, enter your email address and click on subscribe.

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Monday, 05 June 2023
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