I love the Golden Rule. "Treat Others as You want to be treated", or even more so, the Platinum Rule: Treat Others as They want to be treated. There is also the action-packed wording from GoldenRuleism: "Do for all others, both directly and indirectly, what you would want done for you. Don't do to any others, either directly or indirectly, what you wouldn't want done to you." Such a simple concept that can change perspectives, add so much to one's life, and help us understand ourselves. I can spiral on this topic and talk all day about the power of the GR. However, I have to say that, to me, this incredible rule has one issue: It divides us by simply using "others" and "you/they." 

Treat US as WE want to be treated...!

Oneness. "Onenesses." All One.

Us... We...!

Whew...! Care to take a deep breath with me? 1... 2... 3... Inhale... Exhale... 

All of Us, a film by Pierre Pirard, is just that. A tale of oneness. A documentation of the similarities in all of us. The movie premiers on May 16 (International Day of Living Together in Peace (JIVEP)), on YouTube free to the public, AND with multiple in-person screenings around the world! You can see if there's one nearby you here

You can click here to go to the Facebook event where you can read a lot more about this project and get reminders!

Sign the Universal Declaration of Living Together in Peace and let's watch All of Us on May 16.

With love,

Felipe Zurita

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