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Review: Housing is a Human Right - Ep. 4 - The Other Side Village, Utah, USA.


The fourth installment of "Housing is a Human Right," our newest webinar series, introduced us to The Other Side Village in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Tim Stay, CEO, gave us a rundown on how their organization started their project, giving us details on how they function, the way they apply the Golden Rule (Treat others as you want to be treated) to their systems and how it all ties up together in a very big project of over 400 units!

Our webinar series includes conversations with Amber Fogarty of Community First Village in Austin, Texas; Dan Bryant and Andrew Heben of SquareOne Villages in Eugene, Cottage Grove, and Springfield, Oregon; Tim Stay from The Other Side Village in Salt Lake City, Utah; Nate Schlueter of Eden Village in seven cities in four states; Missouri, Virginia, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania; and María Fernanda of Techo in Monterrey, Mexico.

The video is already on YouTube! (embedded below)

Here are some time stamps of this episode:

1:52 – Tim Stay Introduces The Other Side Village

2:59 – Their Plan

3:46 – Target Population

4:03 – Screening Process

4:43 – 6 Guiding Principles

5:00 – Welcome Neighborhood

7:19 – What will homes be like

9:10 – Neighborhood

9:15 – Wrap Around Services

11:36 – Security Features

12:08 – Explanation of The Other Side Foundation

12:32 – The Other Side academy

17:28 – Village will be a Sober Community

19:05 – Peer Accountability

20:05 – Enforcing Rules

21:05 – A job that works with 'my' challenges

23:49 – On-Site Employment Opportunities

24:35 – Social Enterprises

24:54 – An Advocate that helps me with Whole Person Change

27:05 – Their Own 'Special Sauce'

28:36 – Phases

29:26 – Q&A: Circles, Funding, Amenities, Land Usage, Dealing with "Not In My Back Yard" (NIMBY), Replication, Timeline, etc.

Both Susan and I, reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. So for both of us, this project is very visible and close to our hearts. We are grateful to Tim for spending this hour with the Charter for Compassion, for the amount of information he provided, and for the heart and way they want to bring accountability to their residents. We learned that The Other Side Village has been in touch with Community First (Episode 2) and SquareOne Villages (Episode 3), and Eden Villages (Episode 5, coming up next week!) and although they have developed their own "secret sauce", they received training and counsel from these other experienced participants of this webinar series. 

I hope this serves as inspiration to our Compassionate Cities and network! You too, can begin a similar journey in you community! The tools are there for you to learn and start a tiny home village journey, or similar!

Check out their website at and to learn more about their programs and to stay in touch!

Join us next week as we host Nate Schlueter of Eden Village in seven cities in four states; Missouri, Virginia, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania; by registering here.

With love,

- Felipe 

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Friday, 09 June 2023
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