Grassroots Wisdom Book

Grassroots Wisdom Book by Charter for Compassion

Grassroots operate below the surface and are foundational for the grass blade, providing it sustenance and stability. They operate through a series of nodes and rhizomes, spreading out underground to produce the strong blades that create the lawns we walk on, grains we eat, and ecosystems on which other beings rely.

"Grassroots", then, aptly refers to the efforts of individuals working together to create and sustain positive community ecosystems.


This is your book to give to and to take from. Hopefully, hundreds of people will eventually contribute their stories to be included. The intent of the Grassroots Wisdom Book is to create a written record, to collect and save individual and group responses to the needs that we see in right front of us.  

This is an opportunity to see how a small community in southwestern Ohio, in the USA, comes together and shares a weekly meal. Read their story in the Communities initiative Chapter. This same idea can be redesigned to take place in an apartment complex in Mumbai, India, or in a neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa.

Read through the Peace Chapter and find out how the Compassionate ARTS in Action organization has been a great source of social and racial justice, and peace programming in California and beyond since 2015. While they have worked with many groups to bring art and activism together, including work with Indigenous Mexican weavers living in Greenfield, CA; refugee and immigrant children in El Cajon and Fallbrook, CA; and Black youth in Los Angeles, they have also created the Posts for Peace and Justice project, which might serve as a creative idea-generator for communities worldwide.

In the Chapter on Environment, you’ll read about the Charter for Compassion’s Tree Project. The goal of the Compassion Tree Project (CTP) is to help return Earth to her vibrancy by regreening the world locally, regionally, and nationally – far beyond our borders and wherever we live. Imagine a tree, or grove of trees in every yard, on every school and university campus, on the property of every faith and peace institution. Imagine Compassion Trees planted in parks, green spaces, and public areas in every community - each tree representing the commitment and responsibility of ensuring a healthy planet for future generations.

There are fourteen chapters in the Grassroots Wisdom Book, and each chapter reflects how the Charter for Compassion works. However, not all stories come directly from compassionate community initiatives or from our members and partners. We want to capture the good news that is happening all around us. We want to break the bubble of silence about good accomplishments and sincere responses to challenges and highlight radical solutions to problems that too often escape the media.

No project or idea is too big or too small to share. We have enough creativity and stick-to-it-ness to take ideas and adapt them to fit our own location and match our needs. One action in Jakarta, Indonesia, can catapult into a dozen new projects on three different continents.  

Are you ready to share? If so, send your story, complete with pictures and even links to videos to . We’ll make certain to get back to you and send you a link to your contribution in the Wisdom Book.



Write your piece presenting an overview of what you did in a few short paragraphs—make it short and sweet.

Address the end result of your actions.

Give us the address of your website if you would like us to include it on your page.  

Thank you for considering contributing to our good news DIY (Do It Yourself—and of course, with others) Grassroots Wisdom Book

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