Global Read: Forgiveness is Really Strange

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To hurt and hurt others is to be human. How, then, does one recover and make amends? Noor, Cantacuzino, and Standing attempt to unravel this quandary in a charming graphic exploration of wrongdoing, redress, and recovery. Through illustrated testimonials, biographical examples, and excerpts of psychological research, they explore the limits and potential of forgiveness, its application at the individual and societal levels, and its biological effects upon the giver and receiver. Though Noor, Cantacuzino, and Standing endorse forgiveness as healthy and useful, they acknowledge its complicated aspects, such as the threat of insincerity and its potential use as a weapon. Standing's sunny colors embody optimism and anger as nimbly as her rough-edged lines capture frown lines and finely braided hair. The title is part of a series, including Anxiety Is Really Strange and Trauma Is Really Strange, which uses simple illustrations to unpack inherently complex concepts. This meditative ode on grace has lasting resonance, and it's packaged in a beautiful, small-format volume that feels like a gift. 

(Source: Publishers Weekly)

August 10th, 2022 9:00 AM through 10:00 AM
United States
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